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Types of products :-


Round Bottle shape :-

Design Feature :-

The Akshat make FRP Draft induced Draft cooling towers are round bottle shape which eliminates special positioning requirements and is not affected by prevailing and wind direction. It further easy and quick installation due to light weight and compactness.site assembly is simplified by the modular design by components.

Exclusive Features:-
Compact design and light weight.
Corrosion  resistance , since part are made of  FRP, MS HDG, PVC, Alu.etc. materials.
Minimum drift loss of water.
Piping cost negligible and most suitab;le for small industrial units.
Very  long service life .500% more than conventional towers.
Attractive looks .
Minimum maintenance.
Higher efficiency (rate of cooling).
The fan and body specially designed to reduce the noise.
Checking-up and  maintenance job simplified.
Unique mechanism  applied to water distribution section .No spry formation, water distributed in the form of drop.
The water collection sump, including FRP , is leak-proof and avoid the water spillage.
The tower  utilities corrosion proof high efficiency PVC fill.
The ‘Bottle’ type design is highly resistant against the strong wind .


Rectangular & Multi Cell Shape :-
Exclusive Features:-
No air re-circulation.
Low pump head.
Faster erection time.
Long service life.
Four sided air intake.
Minimal drift losses.
Energy efficient.
Low weight –compact design.
Minimal maintenance.
Corrosion resistant FRP or aluminium alloy fan blades.
Water distribution system and fill area is sheltered and cleaner.
Corrosion resistant FRP constructions.
Better cooling rate.
Performance better on shorter approach.