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Our Products:-


We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Manufacturers & Suppliers of Round bottle shape & Rectangular FRP Induced draft Cooling Towers and also spare parts for any brand / type of Cooling Towers.

We manufacture a range of sizes in single cell as well as Multi cell to suit varied requirements of usage in any type of process water cooling for Air Compressor, Injection / Blow Moulding Machines, in AC & R plants, D.G. Sets & Induction furnaces. We cover a wide range from 3TR to 800TR in Single cell.

“AKSHAT” are the only High performance FRP Cooling Towers designed for long life & low maintenance at a competitive price. The money you save on maintenance & energy bills makes “AKSHAT” your best Cooling Tower investment from installation & for years thereafter.

When you invest in “AKSHAT” Cooling Towers, you are assured of the following quality inputs:

1. Superior Laminate strength with Isopthalic Resin reducing vibration & increasing tower life.
2. Neopentyl glycol (NPG) gel coat finish for UV protection and colour retention with improved surface finish
3. Auxiliary drain tank totally in corrosion resistant FRP.
4. Dynamically balanced fans and fan assemblies ensuring smoother operation , longer bearing & motor life.
5. PVC Fills from vacuum formed virgin PVC sheets .
6. Power savings leading to lower annual electric bills due to our direct drive motors with IP- 55 protection and ‘F’ class insulation.
7. Protection against malfunctioning parts including motors through 12 months warranty from the date of purchase of “AKSHAT” cooling tower.